The Vamps
I'd sing your name over the airwaves, Crash your couch and sleep off
or stay awake
The Vamps
Hello, I'm Cristine and this is my blog about one British indie pop band which has ruined lots of lives

Move My Way | Manchester, Oct 2nd.

imcalledconnor: “With my two favourite dudes ever”

diamondheart-s replied to your post: OHMYGOD tomorrow is The 1975 concert a…

Sorry if that sounds kinda awkward as we dont know each other but i wish you a lot of fun at the 1975 concert and i hope youll find a way to give them your drawing - its incredibly well done!!! alright, have a good time xxxx

Thank you my dear !!! Love you xx

your drawing is so perfect omg💜

omgomggomOMG thank you so much <3

OHMYGOD tomorrow is The 1975 concert and I don’t know what to do!! I wanna give them my drawing but I have no idea how to manage it.


itsdeansherwood:Morning x”



@TheXFactor: Reckon these guys could be Judges one day? They kind of look the part. Catch @TheVampsband on #XtraFactor tonight! 📺

The Vamps and Shawn Mendes at red carpet BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. [10/19/14]


teen awards 2014


@BBCR1: Final performance of the show from the big winners of the day @TheVampsband + @ShawnMendes 🎉


Bradley at the Teen Awards

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